Facility Management

Facility Management Services

Our facility management services as the name suggests includes complete facility management from office cleaning, managing utility bills to taking care of its security on clients' behalf. We have professionally trained team members and managers who make sure all the official day to day activities are completed on time while taking care of office cleaning, maintenance and administrative work.

UHRS Facility Management for making a visible difference to Your Business

With our facility management service, you will feel a visible difference that our team would make for your business in comparison to the local management team. Our team has experience in cleaning and maintaining diverse work environments ranging from heavy manufacturing stores to government offices and medical facilities.


Cleaning Services

We also take care of office flooring, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, power washing, lawn mowing, emergency water cleaning and provide uniformed labours to manage light industrial and labour work.


Paying Bills | Utility & Expenses

Our facility management services are popular among all the sectors in Pakistan from Aviation, Oil & Gas, Education, Law Enforcement, Construction, Banking to Insurance.